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What's the Cause of Insomnia?
August 08, 2007

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One of my readers contacted me the other day and asked, "How can you claim to cure insomnia when insomnia isn't a disease?"

Well, she's right in theory, you can't "catch" insomnia after all. I had a suspicion that she had never suffered from insomnia. Hmm, I was right, she just wanted to do some research!

All us insomniacs KNOW that insomnia is one of the most chronic "diseases" we can ever experience. It's so hard to cure because everyone's sleep disorders are different.

So what the heck is Insomnia?

Insomnia is actually a set of symptoms. It's a consequence of being unable to fall asleep or being unable to maintain sleep. It is also used to describe unrefreshing or poor quality sleep.

Since insomnia is not a disease how can we cure it? Well we can't cure the symptoms, that's why taking sleeping pills is a very short term solution and will never result in a cure for insomnia. But we can examine the causes of insomnia and eliminate as many of them as possible.

Causes of insomnia are many and varied and range from pain, being too hot or too cold, stress and anxiety, eating the wrong foods at the wrong time, uncomfortable mattress/pillow, outside noises, having too much light in the bedroom, watching TV in bed, not getting enough light early in the day...... As you can see there's a lot to know!

The consequences of sleep deprivation are well known so I won't repeat them here. One of the lesser known ones is that sleep deprivation can lower immune system functioning - most important if your suffer autoimmune diseases like type 2 diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis, or even if you're having more than your fair share of cold & flu.

Better than a quick fix, Sleep Secrets gives a complete and natural cure for insomnia. Without going into too much science, Sleep Secrets reveals..

  • Your body temperature, why it's so important (p 18)
  • The connection between sunlight and sleep and the best time to grab your quota (p 22)
  • What works better than anxiety medication and has only good side effects? (p 24)
  • Why rest is not the answer for daytime drowsiness (p 25)
  • Can you "catch up" on lost sleep? Does it matter? (p 26)
  • 10 reasons you should throw away your sleeping pills (even I didn't know some of these! p 27)
  • The mind/body connection and why we store stress (p 33)
  • Removing our negative sleep associations (p35)
  • Why you should never drink soft drinks - no, it's not just the caffeine! (p 50)
  • Sleep restriction therapy - reverse logic? Or an effective cure for insomnia? (p 56)
  • Worrying about not sleeping will only keep you awake. Here's how to stop (p 67)

Usually retails for $47, price is $27 at the moment. Sleep Secrets

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