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Lucid Dreaming, Fact or Fantasy?
September 10, 2007

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  As promised last month here is the download link to the new book Get Healthy!

What is Lucid Dreaming? Despite all the mystique surrounding lucid dreaming it is simply dreaming while being aware that you're dreaming. This type of dreaming may happen spontaneously and doesn't involve any type of control or manipulation over what you're dreaming about.

What most people expect from a lucid dream however is being able to manipulate the dream and actually act out situations as you would like them to happen in real life. Yes it's possible to do this but it takes a bit of patience and can't be done overnight (no pun intended!)

There are all sorts of ways to help people learn how to get into lucid dreaming. Definitely on the suspicious side is a "lucid dreaming pill", which works by boosting the REM (dream) stage of sleep. This pill is manufactured from "natural ingredients" - so is cannabis - I certainly wouldn't recommend it as it could be an hallucigenic of some kind. The site selling this pill proclaims we are wasting eight hours a day sleeping (sheesh!).

There is also software to help us in our pursuit of lucid dreams! It seems there is a software solution to everything nowadays. I can't tell you much about it, I suppose it could be helpful for those who like 'step by step' instructions, but I've never tried it myself.

You can learn lucid dreaming without pills and without software. Why bother? Some do it just for fun. They like the idea of being able to travel, meet their ideal partner, communicate with a deceased relative, change the ending to a real life situation that may not have gone to plan... It can be used to rehearse an important future event like a job interview or a big date... the possibilities are literally endless. For those who seek 'out of body' experiences, lucid dreaming can take on a spiritual meaning.

People who have nightmares find they can alter the surroundings or outcome so it becomes less scary.

How can we become lucid dreamers? First it's necessary to be able to recall your dreams. Some people are better at this than others but it's possible to learn. Just waking up in the morning and trying to remember your dreams isn't enough because we forget our dreams in the non-rem stage after dreaming. To practice proper recall, you'd actually have to wake up after each dream and record it in a journal. Some people do that by using an alarm clock set to go off at regular intervals during the night when dreaming is most likely to occur.

Now I don't know about you, but that doesn't exactly turn me on! A much better way is to program your mind to awaken automatically at the end of a dream. This simply involves telling yourself you want to wake after a dream and fully remember it. Then write your dream down in your journal. Even if you only remember a part of your dream, write it down. You will get better with practice.

If you're interested in lucid dreaming, there's a good little book on it on the downloads page. I'll be selling it for $7.00 (as soon as I can figure out how!) So grab it while it's $0.00

If lucid dreaming's not for you, "dream incubation" is a lot easier and works well. If you have a problem or a difficult decision to make, write it down before going to bed and concentrate on it as you drop off to sleep. The answer may be there for you in the morning, either through a dream or your intuition!

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Here's a short, but interesting video on lucid dreaming on "Good Morning America"

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