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Sleep Well With Sleepezy

Too much sleep?
May 10, 2006

A warm welcome to our new subscribers and a big hello to all our loyal readers.

This issue was to be about better sleep for babies and infants. I apologise that it is not to be this month but will definitely be the theme of next month's issue. Sorry!

Too much sleep? I wish I had that problem sometimes! But seriously it can be a problem if you're sleeping 8 or more hours and still waking up tired.

How can some lucky people only have 5-6 hours of sleep a night and wake up refreshed and full of energy, while the rest of us struggle through the day on 8 hours sleep? Or worse, we've tossed and turned for most of that 8 hours trying to find that elusive slumber!

Well as you may know, especially if you've been receiving this newsletter for a while, it's the quality of sleep that counts, not only the time we spend asleep.

And as you probably also know, all sleep is not equal, there are several different stages of sleep. Without going too much into the science there is REM sleep where all our dreams take place and there is non REM sleep which is further split into stages of light sleep & deep sleep

During the night we cycle through these various stages with the lighter stages gradually increasing as morning approaches.

So what? Well knowing how this works can increase the quality of your sleep to the extent that you sleep for a shorter time - which again means more time for living life! Training our circadian (body temperature) rhythm to get us more quality sleep, will both shorten the time we need to spend in bed and more importantly, increase the deep sleep cycle so we get more quality sleep and have a lot more energy during the day.

Deep sleep is the most important stage of sleep. During deep sleep our bodies repair themselves from the stesses of the previous day. Our immune systems are activated during the deep sleep cycle. When we have been sleep deprived, our bodies are programmed to catch up on deep sleep first. Waking during the night almost never occurs during the deep sleep stage, those who wake frequently during the night probably have a weakend sleep system and are deprived of deep sleep.

So how can we ensure enough deep sleep? There are several ways. One is to increase your exposure to sunlight which can reprogam your body clock and make sure enough melatonin is available to

This is what the Powerful sleep system is all about. I've been using it for over a year now and overall I have noticed my sleep has improved, but what I love is the energy I've gained for my busy lifestyle.

People often ask, "Is Powerful Sleep just for people who want to sleep less?" The answer is no, it's also for those who want to sleep better. The two just go hand in hand.

Find out why everyone's raving about it HERE

For anyone who buys Powerful Sleep this month, I have a free bonus for you - this is in addition to the bonuses already included in the package which are: Vivid Dreams - how to remember your dreams, and Lessons from Miracle Doctors - a huge alternative health manual written by Dr J Barron.

I'm giving away "How to Get a Good Night's Sleep" to anyone who emails me their Powerful Sleep receipt this month. I'll send you to a password protected page. Previous purchasers you can get this too if you've kept the receipt

 What's "How to Get a Good Night's Sleep" all about?

  • Learn how depression relates to insomnia
  • Discover the details of the five primary sleeping disorders
  • Find out all about sleep apnea and how it relates to insomnia
  • Do OTC (over the counter) remedies work?
  • What about insomnia in infants and children?
  • How to cure insomnia with behavior modification
  • What are the long term effects of insomnia?

It's quiz time!

We haven't had a quiz in a long time. Here's one to test your knowledge on Sleep and Sleep Disorders

 The March of Dimes is a leader and pioneer in the fight to save babies. We have an outstanding track record of success and we are prepared to accomplish even greater things in the future to solve the problems of prematurity, birth defects, and low birthweight. Help us save babies – donate today. Details on the baby sleep page.

Article of the month

Today's insightful article has been written by a psychiatrist  Emotional Issues behind insomnia suggests fear, anger or other emotional conditions as possible causes of insomnia.

Next week's newsletter will be about how to help your baby or infant sleep better - promise!

Until next time, my very best wishes to you.


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