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Tame that Busy Mind
September 08, 2006

A warm welcome to our new subscribers and a big "Hello" to all our loyal readers :-)

Tame that Busy Mind!

Why does your mind always seem to be more active at night? Well actually it's not, but because you're trying to relax you are more aware of it. One thought follows another and another. Soon you are worrying that it's 2.30 am and you're still not asleep!

Don't worry, awareness is the first step in controlling your busy mind.

Just remember this; you are not your mind. Your mind is your personality, you are the person who owns your mind and you have to tell it who's in charge! You don't have to follow the path your thoughts are taking.

The mind must be redirected and made to think on one stress free thing. Realize you can control your thoughts, be aware in what direction your thoughts are leading.

I'm not going to trot out the usual remedies for sleep here, simply because physical remedies don't work too well for over active minds. Trying too hard to relax when your mind's racing can do more harm than good. You need to distract your mind. Anything that can focus your mind on one (calming) thought will work.

For instance, listen to a CD. A relaxing CD is not always helpful under these conditions, try an instructional tape where there is someone talking. This will stop your mind wandering and your thoughts will focus on the voice, the more boring the better!

Some other things to consider...

Do you take responsibility for things that you shouldn't? Are you worrying about other people's problems? Remind yourself that you can't think for anyone else and just let those worries go.

Are you worrying about something specific? Write it down before going to bed. Tell yourself firmly that you will think about this issue the next morning. The subconscious mind will hear you, but you must consciously stop these worrying thoughts as soon as they surface. This becomes easier with practice.

Busy minds are not necessarily a symptom of stress. If you are creative you may have more ideas than you can deal with. Write them down when they pop up or use a voice recorder by the bed.

Special Report

Read this report and try the technique it contains. It sound simplistic but don't be fooled, it works (well it works for me!).

How to put your mind to sleep quickly

What's the difference?

People often ask me why I recommend different natural sleep medications on the site. Well they actually serve different purposes...

Triple Complex Sleep Tonic is the safest, gentlest sleep medication, it's function is to rebalance and help the body produce the hormones necessary for stress relief and healthy sleep. Even babies and pregnant women can use these. It's on special at the moment for $17.95 (3 for the price of two still applies)

SerenitePlus  and Serenite Jr. are faster acting for immediate effect. They are a drug free herbal blend (junior is for children over 6 months).

 Serenite-LT  helps long term chronic insomnia and may be taken on it's own or in combination with Serenite Plus. Both the Serenite products are good for sleep onset (going to sleep) or sleep maintenance (staying asleep) and for stress relief.

Great Night Sleep is a great alternative to sleeping pills and helps if you have an addiction to Sonata, Ambien or similar sleep aids. It is also 100% natural and helps to reach the deeper stages of sleep. They usually have a special offer and they also have a newsletter (no, it's not as good as this one!)

So I hope that helps a bit!

As always if a link doesn't work, copy and paste into your browser.

Until next time, my very best wishes to you.

Wendy (new)

21 Callistemon Ct, Greenbank, Australia 4124

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