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The End of Stress?
October 10, 2006

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Get Rid of Stress Once and For All!

Stress. I've written about it before. The connection between stress and insomnia is undeniable. However you may be thinking I'm overdoing it a bit.

Well bear with me because today we're going to tackle the stress monster from a different angle. We're not going to talk about "stress management" or "reducing stress".

While both these can be efficient ways of dealing with stress, they are, at best, ways of coping with stress. The effects are temporary and must be repeated often to allow us to function as normally as possible.

So today we'll be looking at working on "stress-proofing" ourselves so we no longer have to manage or reduce stress any more. It's putting on a suit of armour, the stress can't get to us in the first place so we won't have to manage it or avoid it, or find complicated ways to deal with it.

I've tried dealing with stress in many ways. I've listened to CDs, done relaxation exercises, done breathing exercises, tried meditation, taken herbal remedies, taken non herbal remedies. I've even tried to blow it away in smoke. About the only thing I haven't done is become addicted to alcohol!

Now some of this stuff works. The relaxation and breathing exercises are great, the relaxation CDs are too, but some things I did weren't smart, like smoking for example. I often wonder how many years I've taken off my life with that one!

It all goes to show what we will do to get stress out of our lives. We'll try anything to make ourselves feel better.

So how can we "stressproof" ourselves? And is this concept just another stress management tool?

Not according to Michael Licenblat, author of  "Turn Stress into Energy and Enthusiasm" He claims this book will make us stress resilient and able to finally eliminate it.

According to Michael -  "Stress is just energy that hasn't been used in a productive way. The big mistake that people make is that they try and 'manage' stress by avoiding and escaping it."

If this rings any bells for you (it did for me), right click this link to download a Complimentary Chapter. This is not just a few pages of introduction, this is a 50 page chapter with useable information. This chapter shows us how to toughen up mentally and improve our lives (both personal and professional)

Oh! & until you've read your complimentary chapter, here's a goodie for emergencies...

Relax and  place your hands one on top of the other lightly on your stomach.  Breath in slowly counting to five. You should feel your hands raise slightly as your stomach expands.
Breathing out is done in the same way, slowly to a count of five
Repeat this deep breathing exercise 10 times. As your breathing improves, you can lengthen the count to 10 or 15.
Deep breathing is very calming, can be done anywhere and is one of the simplest and most efficient stress relievers available.

Article of the Month

How to Relieve Stress with Mental Toughness shows us how to tackle on-the-job stress

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Until next time, my very best wishes to you.

Wendy (new)

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