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Sleep Well With Sleepezy

Train Your Brain to Sleep
November 09, 2006

A warm welcome to our new subscribers and a big "Hello" to all our loyal readers :-)

Can you train your brain to sleep?

As you probably already know, your brain produces electricity. Not enough to heat your water of course but enough to power your thoughts and activities all day and all night. And, as one would expect, it produces less electrical activity when you're asleep than when you're awake. The activity can be measured on an EEG machine and a print out from that shows a wave pattern - hence brain waves.

Why Hypnosis CDs don't always work

If you can slow the wave pattern sufficiently, you can access the subconscious mind and plant suggestions into it, a process we know as hypnosis. Now hypnosis can work very well for some situations such as fear of heights, fear of flying, weight loss and sleep problems.

BUT… and it's a big BUT!

If you're lying awake stressed because you can't sleep, hypnosis isn't going to work

Why? Because your brainwaves are firing on all cylinders and you'll find it impossible to relax enough for the suggestions to reach the subconscious mind.

So it works best when you don't really need it (sort of like my car heater!)

Can we slow our brainwaves down?

Can we calm those brainwaves down to a state where they're in sleep mode?

Well it has long been known that you can change the electrical activity of the brain. You can speed it up or slow it down by playing certain beats or tones. This process is called "Brainwave Entrainment"

To slow the brain down, get rid of the mind chatter and help you to sleep, you play the type of tones or beats that are associated with being asleep. This has the effect of sending the listener to sleep. But only if they are relaxing somewhere comfortable when they listen.

Up to now although it has been possible to buy CDs with these special sounds they have been extremely expensive. Take the Holosync system for example. Their CD is around $300 and its not specifically for sleep, but rather to help you to meditate.

So I was very curious, and excited, when I heard about a new brain wave entrainment audio, the "Sleep Sound" program, that’s specifically for curing insomnia and that’s also very affordable. It was launched only last week and I was sent an evaluation copy. (Yes sometimes I get lucky!)

Now I get letters from people all the time asking me to evaluate and promote products, most of which I don't bother you with.

I have tried a few brain entrainment CDs before, Holosync - which uses binaural beats and Quantum Mind Power which I found quite effective but the "helicopter" sound was quite off putting!

But I was very impressed with The Sleep Sound audio. It really worked for me! I was actively looking for sounds of the entrainment under the music. I couldn't detect anything at all and the music is very soothing and relaxing.

I fell asleep about half way through track 2 which is pretty good for me at the moment, as I'm dealing with menopause, stress and an overactive mind! I was impressed.

Liz Beresford, the creator of the program has a special introductory price of only $27 at present, but I am not sure how long that price will last. She is also giving a free 20 minute relaxation booster audio as a bonus.

This product is new and is a complete sleep system comprising a book and 2 audio tracks. It's not just another sleep CD!

I can strongly recommend the program. If you want to take a look You can find it here Sleep Sound Program

At this price though, make sure you send her a testimonial!

Next month it's our birthday, two years old! There'll be a surprise present for you in the next edition!

Until next time, my very best wishes to you.

Wendy (NEW)

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