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Sleep Well With Sleepezy

Cure the Vicious Insomnia Cycle
January 09, 2007

A warm welcome to our new subscribers and a big "Hello" to all our loyal readers :-)


I wrote about EFT last year and thought that as I'd covered the basics, I probably wouldn't refer to it again in another newsletter.

However I've received so much feedback about EFT since, that I feel almost obliged to devote another newsletter to it.

One of the letters I received a couple of months ago was from Alphonse. Alphonse was locked into a vicious cycle of insomnia. He went to bed knowing he was not going to be able to sleep. Of course this turned into a self fulfilling prophecy! He would toss and turn for hours, finally falling asleep through sheer exhaustion. Alphonse was desperate and said he had tried everything. The poor man was at the end of his rope.

Due to the urgency of the situation, here's what I recommended to him...

"Go to Getting Started with EFT and download the free manual, read through part 1. Then go to the Brad Yates site and click on the "E tappings" menu items on the top. Look for the "Insomnia/Sleep Ease" tapping exercise. Download this and use it each night before you go to sleep"

Did it work? Here's what I received just after Christmas.

" God bless you for telling me about this!! I tried your suggestions and found relief from the first time I tried it....I can now fall asleep easily and am enjoying life to the full. You are a life saver..."

What is EFT, and Can it Help Me?

I don't think there's anybody that EFT can't help actually.

Why? Because EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can be used for so many things, insomnia, anxiety, stress, low self esteem, weight loss, phobias, addictions... the list goes on.

EFT works on the acupuncture energy meridians of the body. It is a safe gentle exercise which is very easy to do and can have an incredible positive effect on your life and health. Many whom EFT have helped are so thankful they gave it a try (even though they were initially sceptical)

Best of all you can download the EFT manual for free and start healing yourself immediately!

EFT is great if you are currently taking medication, especially two or more at a time.

This Month's Article

EFT can help cut down on medications. Beware of  Over Medicating

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Until next time, my very best wishes to you.

Wendy (my other website)

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