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How to Stop Taking Sleeping Pills
October 09, 2007

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How to Stop Taking Sleeping Pills

I know I've written about this before, but it's the question I'm asked most often. Addiction to sleeping pills is both physical and psychological. You may be afraid that you'll never sleep well again, in fact you may find your sleep is more restful after your system has weaned itself off the pills.

Here's what worked for me when I was addicted to the wretched things 4 years ago...

1 - Pick a time when you're relatively free of stress and worry. You may think, "I'm never free of stress," well that's probably why you're taking sleeping pills.

If worry and stress are second nature to you, try this tip. Before going to bed, write down all your worries in a "worry book". List all the worries that are currently on your mind and another list of possible solutions. Schedule a time the next day to go over this list.

Now you may think this is just silly, in fact it's very effective for three reasons. First it gets the worry out of your head and down on paper. You'll have a comfortable feeling of being well on the way to solving that problem. Second it stops the problem from growing in your mind. Have you ever worried endlessly about something making it seem far worse than it actually is?

Third, you subconscious mind will work on the problem overnight. By morning, when you review your list of problems, you may find you already have some of the answers.

Sidebar - I dug out my worry book before writing this - funnily most of the worries in that book never happened. Of the ones that did, it was never as bad as I had feared!

2 - Pick the right time, like a weekend, when you don't have to be up bright and early. Worrying about waking up on time can cause restless sleep and frequent waking.

Tell yourself "It doesn't matter". If you can accept that you may have some rebound-insomnia and may not be able to sleep straight away, chances are you'll fall asleep. Think about what's good in your life, this is great for breaking the worry cycle.

A couple of tips...

If you need to get up to go to the bathroom or for any reason, don't turn on the light. Use a small torch instead. Bright light will interrupt your sleep pattern.

3 - Hide that clock! Put it somewhere you can't see it. This will take away the "Ohmygawd it's 2am & I'm still awake!"

4 - I'm assuming you already know about the usual tips, no coffee or cola in the evening, no watching TV in bed, no ghost stories! etc.. A good idea is to try decaff coffee in the morning instead of your normal brew. You may have a bit of a headache but you'll probably sleep better. Caffeine accumulates in your system.

If, despite everything, you find yourself worrying about not sleeping, get up and read for a while using a dim light. This may break that worry cycle.

If you absolutely can't sleep without pills, consider treatment for anxiety and stress. These two are probably the real problem here.

A lot of people make the transition by switching to a natural sleep medication, Great Night Sleep  is probably the best for weaning yourself off the sleeping pill dependency and may cut out a lot of the rebound insomnia. Sometimes it's a comfort knowing there is a pill you can swallow without having to worry about side effects.

Good luck!!!

Catch you next month, take care!


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